Working on the next big thing in robotics to revolutionize care and wellness for humans.





Embodied, Inc. is an industry leading robotics and AI company creating state-of-the-art companion robots to revolutionize human-centric care and wellness by enhancing quality of life for individuals and families.  


We are continuing to build an amazing, high-performance team that works hard to innovate, collaborate, and solve complex challenges in order to serve our company mission and goals.


We are bold in our vision, relentless in its pursuit, and excited to be discovering new ways to provide positive impact to the families we serve.  We are committed to our mission not because it's easy but out of a shared boundless optimism that together we will put a dent in the universe.  


We believe there is no obstacle too difficult to overcome.

Management Team

Paolo Pirjanian, Founder/CEO​

Scientist turned robotics entrepreneur who has shipped multiple products in millions of units. Former CTO at iRobot and CEO at Evolution Robotics.

Stefan Scherer, CTO

Machine learning scientist passionate about emotional intelligence and human behavior analytics. Comes from USC and the Institute for Creative Technologies.

Craig Allen, CCO​

A creative mind and successful operator who has shipped multiple million unit selling video games at Disney Interactive and The Jim Henson Company.



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Embodied is located in Pasadena, California, in the heart of Old Town.

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